2005 May 23 - 星 期 一

Star Wars

Afterall, I find that I dislike the episode I, II and III

I think what most Star Wars fans hoped to see in these 3 movies, is what happened within the time frame of epi III, how Anakin becomes Darth Vadar, and mainly, why, and I expect more drama on how he then eliminates all the other Jedi.

I don't see how a dictator is built because of what happens in these 3 movies. I don't see a good reason for Ani to become a dark lord and turns against his friends and eventually kills all of his old ally. I don't even see, how he is the greatest Jedi, like what obi-wan says in epi IV.


Perhaps in epi I, it should have told us how Anakin fights against the droids army, and becomes such a great jedi, but in the end have him question about the Jedi Order.

Then in epi II, we should see him struggles between being what the Jedi ppl told him to be and what he himself wanna be, and in the end have some big event happen to make him become the dark lord (could make him wear the mask in the very end scene like wot's shown on the current epi III).

Then in epi III he could plan a major hunt down of all other Jedi and built his own empire.


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