2004 Mar 20 - 星 期 六

Cutting edge

Mel : 謝 謝 你 , 我 自 己 倒 是 懶 得 去 管 如 果 有 甚 麼 毛 病 我 個 人 是 無 所 謂 的 , 但 朋 友 們 和 家 人 會 擔 心 吧 , 那 我 也 不 想 看 到 。

我 想 忙 完 後 就 一 切 都 會 好 吧 。

雖 然 coursework 完 了 又 要 忙 執 包 袱 , 不 知 何 時 才 有 覺 得 settle 的 一 刻


suddenly realize this project is really on the cutting edge of the current computer tech.

Wireless Multihop network?? I was told that MIT, UC berk, CMU, all those techie institutions are all trying to be the first to get it work. Queen's one, not really working too... the grad student just showed me yesterday, I guess wireless connection is not really stable.

And getting this shit to connect to the Internet..? This is just... one more step ahead... how da heck this comes to my hand?

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Rise, Bachelor of Science
Project 大 致 完 成 了
he laughed, OMG!!
pick it up, Ray!
Straight A, again
Lecture Done for the term
74 out of 80
busy and bored
K code
FYP decided

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