2004 Mar 2 - 星 期 二

he laughed, OMG!!

my project's tutor finally gave me the most important piece of information I need for my project....

and there is only 1 month left....

he laughs when he gives me those... o man... he laughs.... coz he feels embarrassed giving me the stuff so late.... (wot a disaster...)

dunno how it would end... I asked him if I also need to take care of this this this or that that that, he tells me no for all, he tells me I prolly dun have time n just keep thing simple... -_-!

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Rise, Bachelor of Science
Cutting edge
Project 大 致 完 成 了
pick it up, Ray!
Straight A, again
Lecture Done for the term
74 out of 80
busy and bored
K code
FYP decided

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