2003 Jan 30 - 星 期 四

a day @ skool

Took some foto today, a day of lecture and lab work

This is my first lecture today, started @ 8:30am
I've had a lot of lectures in this hall thru-out the 2 n a half yrs.

My second lecture of today, 10:30~11:30am
The biggest lecture hall in the computer science department building.

After 2 more lectures from 11:30am~1:30pm (took some pics in this 2 lectures too, but dun wanna post them up)
At 2pm, me and my friends went to this lab...
So... today, I have to do a lab, to operate these robot arms... em... Actually... I am definitely NOT excited to do it...

"Do not enter the robot work area"
(coz it gets u high!!!???)

Our school has only 4 of these robot arms, when we get to the room, they are all occupied, so we just need to wait...
My friend Isaac is reading the instruction during the time.

Derek is definitely bored of waiting.

Great! We waited for 2 hrs b4 we get onto one machine.

Me trying to curse on the robot arm so that it does wot I want it to do.
So, of coz at last I get it done, but by the time I leave the lab, it was 7:30pm
Well, it's not particularly difficult thing, but the instruction is really written badly, so it takes a long time to make a sense out of it.

There are some more foto taken, but I really wouldn't wanna show anybody my long hair look... Wait till I cut it sometime :\

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Project 大 致 完 成 了
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