2004 Feb 13 - 星 期 五

Comp's fxxked

O crap, I fuck my comp up!!!!!

I stopped one of these background program to run on start up. and then many programs go wrong. I tried to restart it, but I can't do it, this is quite interesting... I will try to illustrate.

the monitoring program that can set these bg program to start @ start up depends on some other program that needs this program I killed to run.

so I killed this program n the monitoring program can't function normally n I can't get this killed program to start again.

so.. wot can I do??


I go to look it up on the web, n it said like many system processes need this background program I've just killled.... !!

luckily it also provides a way to fix it... n my comp is okay now again. guess it is a problem that only the geeks would encounter (n fix it after screwing it up)

MANY THANKS TO THE GUY WHO WROTE THAT PAGE, tho I haven't looked the name up, n hasn't got it bookmarked but it saves my ass big time. thank you very much

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