2003 Dec 12 - 星 期 五

Life: The Odds (And How to Improve Them)

this book is extremely entertaining. It talks about wot are the chances in your life to do certain special things, some examples are

Become a saint, write a bestseller, get into an Ivy League college, marry a millionare, all kinds of strange things.

the author tried to find out some probabilities from statistics he can find, and talks about how to improve the chances, according to some researches as well.

Those are valid, but not at all serious, actually it's just to make fun indeed. And it is really really funny. I love it.

well, if there is sth to complain about, it is in hardcover, I just find reading hardcover books really troublesome, or simply I hate reading hardcovers. This should go into my site's book list soon.

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