2003 Nov 29 - 星 期 六

Lecture Done for the term

so this term's lecture is over and there are only 3 exams left before it is DONE.

It was hell busy, but passed like bullet train... Still recall how reluctant I felt about coming back that day @ the HKG. still remember that I was telling my friends about how staying here 1 more yr is holding me back, I still think somewot the same but it's not as much a problem for me now. Gotta stay put n finish the study for this degree, it is against my will to drop out anyway. So it is nth bad, and I just needa be patient.


呢 個 星 期 特 別 訓 得 少 , 而 家 又 成 面 粒 粒 喇

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Rise, Bachelor of Science
Cutting edge
Project 大 致 完 成 了
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74 out of 80
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